25 April, 2012

6 Good Examples of Corporate Social Media Guidelines

Here are some really good examples of Social Media Guidelines especially for corporate implementation: BBC, British Government, U.S. Department of the Interior, SAP, Porter Novelli and a white paper on the same topic by Microsoft Advertising.

Download  BBC News: Social media guidance

Download British Government Template Twitter strategy for Government Departments

Download U.S. Department of the Interior Social Media Guidebook

Download SAP Social Media Participation Guidelines

Download Porter Novelli Blogging & Social Media Policy

Download Learn and Earn - A B2B Social Media White Paper from Microsoft Advertising

18 April, 2012

Two Creative Presentations on Marketing 2.0

"When the Readers Become Writers What Do the Writers Become?"
by Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen and also the Chief Marketing Officer at Springpad.

We’ve gone from being storytellers to marketers who need to master the tools and tactics that will get others to tell stories for us and or create them with us.  As my my friend Mike Arauz likes to remind us, “We tell our friends about your brand not because we like your brand, but because we like our friends.”
We need to ask new questions in order to craft a more relevant brief. And while attention-getting, original, unexpected, entertaining and emotional are still the criteria we use to evaluate creative, we need to make work that is shareable, interactive, participatory, useful and ongoing.

Download "When the Readers Become Writers What Do the Writers Become?"

"Social Media Measurement and ROI: One Company’s Perspective" 
by Maria Poveromo, Director Social Media, Adobe Systems.
Maria's main areas of focus include corporate strategy, governance, measurement, brand engagement, and development of social media best practices. Prior to this role, Maria led the Global Public Relations team at Adobe.

Download "Social Media Measurement and ROI: One Company’s Perspective"

10 April, 2012

Marketing 2.0 Quotes from the Pros

Two interesting Marketing 2.0 eBooks to your attention:

"101 Awesome Marketing Quotes" - HubSpot Edition

and "Social Media probook 2011/2012" - published by Eloqua.

Download "101 Awesome Marketing Quotes"

Download "Social Media probook 2011/2012"