30 August, 2014

A Roadmap to the Future of Marketing


Report authored by Rob Salkowitz, MediaPlant, director of content and strategy, principal author and investigator

Sponsored by Microsoft

"Technology is driving unprecedented disruption in marketing and advertising. Where is it all going and what does it mean to today’s marketing decision-makers? This paper and forecast map present a high-level view of the changing landscape for marketers. It is the first in a series of five to be released in the coming year, produced by MediaPlant with the support of Microsoft, based on conversations with industry thought leaders, technology innovators, and outside experts."


05 August, 2014

Everything You Need to Know about Programmatic Trading

An IAB Europe White Paper

In a few short years, Programmatic Trading has emerged from the back rooms of digital networks to front and centre in the battle for customer engagement. In recent research1 with WARC and AppNexus, IAB Europe polled more than 600 publishers, advertisers and agencies across the frontline of the advertising industry in Europe, and found that 89% of them believe that Programmatic will have a significant impact on digital advertising; 30% expect it to be dominant!

See also "New research from AppNexus, WARC and IAB Europe identifies drivers and challenges for programmatic advertising"

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