17 August, 2013

Must Read: Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing

A 155 page extremely useful eBook by Marketo

Written By:
Jon Miller - VP of Marketing, Marketo

DJ Waldow - Waldow Social

Additional Contributors:

Dayna Rothman - Content Marketing Manager, Marketo

Caitlin Roberson - Wordisseur

Designed By:

Davis Lee - Creative Director, Marketo

Lynn-Kai Chao - Graphic Designer, Marketo


  • Why Should I Read the Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing?
  • Part One: What is Engaging Email?
  • Part Two: Trusted
  • Part Three: Always Relevant
  • Part Four: Conversations, Not Campaigns
  • Part Five: Coordinated Across Channels
  • Part Six: Strategic - The New Metrics for Email
  • Part Seven: Graduating from ESP to Marketing Automation
  • Appendix: Email Marketing Experts
  • Appendix: Reference Links
  • About Marketo

Download Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing