22 September, 2012

Social Media Plan and The End of Outbound Marketing

Social Media Tactical Plan 

 a useful e-book by Marketo

" This plan includes the tactical objectives to be used to accomplish the following social media goals:
1. Increase inbound leads at a low cost
2. Expand reach of thought leadership content
3. Engage and excite influencers
4. Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers
5. Improve customer service and satisfaction
6. Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness"

Download it:

Sample Social Media Tactical Plan from Boris Loukanov

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The End Of Outbound Marketing As We Know It: Why you will be able to market yourself in 2013 

e-book by Tomorrow People

"So throw away that old marketing manual, ignore what the outdated marketers are telling you and embrace the future. It's bright. It's Inbound."

Download it: 

11 September, 2012

Brands are Publishers Now

Two useful documents about Branding 2.0

Consumer behavior is undergoing a rapid change. The person who yesterday “surfed the web” today flits across a panoply of screens, sites, channels, and devices, often simultaneously, or very near so. Logos pervade consumers’ lives, from the programs they watch to the billboards they pass, to the clothing they wear. The average person sees some 3,000 brand impressions every day.

The media and information they consume might originate in traditional media, social media, advertising, or - with increasing frequency - a hybrid of all three. 
Consumers rarely pause to note provenance. Media are a veritable blur. The primary quest is for information, entertainment, or shopping. The goal is simply to find the “right” media, be it paid, owned or earned, along this highly dynamic customer journey. Brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer and cut through the media clutter, regardless of whatever channel or medium consumers are engaged with. Converged media will happen and is happening; if marketers do not take action, the effectiveness of marketing efforts will suffer.

The Converged Media Imperative:
How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
eBook by Rebecca Lieb & Jeremiah Owyang with Jessica Groopman & Chris Silva

The Converged Media Imperative

Brands As Publishers:
15 Market Leaders That Get Content Right
eBook by newscred.com

Brands As Publishers