29 July, 2012

Seth Godin: The Circles of Modern Marketing

Very important marketing diagram published Seth Godin in his blog

It is to remind us some valuable truths about XXI century modern Marketing concept. 

First: Marketing is NOT Advertising! 

And many more...

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15 July, 2012

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

Everything a non-Marketer Needs about Online marketing to Take a Business from Zero to Hero

by Oli Gardner

Oli is Co-founder and Director of Marketing at Unbounce. He is a former creative director & interaction designer and tends to use metaphor more than he probably should in his writing. He likes it when you jump in the conversation by commenting and finds writing in the 3rd person like this slightly awkward.

Download The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

Download Infographic The Noon Guide to Online Marketing

04 July, 2012

Strategies for Effective Tweeting

A Statistical Review

Publisher: BUDDY MEDIA

Several years ago, words like Twitter, Tweet, hashtag and Retweet were part of a vocabulary limited to early adopters in social media. Today, it’s hard to watch television, look at an advertisement or walk down the street without seeing a prompt to Tweet or use a particular hashtag.

With a social network that has 140 million active users 1 producing 340 million Tweets per day, Twitter has firmly established itself as a key player in the soci al space, and brands agree.According to research by Buddy Media and global research firm Booz and Co.2, 77% of marketers listed Twitter as one of their top three priority social platforms.Our research reveals that Twitter is particularly powerful at driving “amplification” for brand messages. In fact, 78% of user engagement with a brand’s Tweets is in the form of Retweets,while replies, which form the basis for “conversation,” make up only 2 2% of engagement. Twitter drives a lot of traffic elsewhere on the web, too, as users can also take action on Tweets byclicking links.

According to Buddy Media data, link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with Tweets. That’s a lot of clicks.As with any social network, it is not enough to simply publish content and hope for the best.Instead, you need to know when to Tweet, what to Tweet and how often to Tweet. That’s why Buddy Media conducted an in-depth study to provide guidance on these topics and more.The result is our latest research report, “Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review.”

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