17 June, 2022

Get TikTok Strategy Report for Brands and TikTok Culture Guide

In this report, CONVIVA offers an unprecedented look into the engagement metrics of the world’s biggest brands on TikTok. This report includes analyzing and benchmarking TikTok usage from over 15 different industries and categories to determine who is doing the best on TikTok. The rankings and benchmarks provided in this report aim to identify accounts having the greatest success on TikTok so that other social marketers can learn how to be successful in building and growing their fan base.

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This guide by HOOTSUITE covers the many different factors that make TikTok a platform like no other—from sounds and visuals to creators, subcultures, and lingo. Once you get a grasp on these fundamentals, you’ll begin to appreciate TikTok for what it really is: a fun new challenge and exciting opportunity for your business.

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