29 April, 2015

The Internet of Things - Cool Presentation by Vala Afshar

The Internet of Things (IoT) is simply a concept wherein machines and everyday objects are connected via the Internet. Within the IoT, devices are controlled and monitored remotely and usually wirelessly. IDC predicts that the IoT will include 212 billion things globally by the end of 2020. That sounds like a big number, but for context, in 2014 there are over 10 quadrillion ants on the planet.

Although ants are not yet members of the IoT, Wifi-connected bees are now in development to help with pollination. MIT is working on smart sand that will be able to move and duplicate 3D objects, and Harvard has already developed 1000-robot swarms. Throw in smart dust motes and IDC's 212 billion IoT device estimate begins to look conservative.

The benefits, based solely on products that exist today, let alone the unimagined combinations of emerging capabilities, are tremendous. More than ever the smartphone has become the remote control for life. Data is available at your fingertips on everything imaginable. But there are a number of challenges and disruptions ahead. These challenges include technical issues, business issues, requirements for new and evolving skill sets, legal and legislative difficulties, and social complexities.

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Vala Afshar is the Chief Marketing Officer for Extreme Networks and Huffington Post and InformationWeek blogger.  He is the author of "The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence".

05 April, 2015

The Future of Marketing: Six Visionaries Speak

Seth GODIN, John HAGEL, Gavin HEATON, Aditya JOSHI, Marc MATHIEU and Jim STENGEL in conversation with The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Marketo commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit to provide a roadmap for the future – a future in which marketing is first and marketers play a critical role as stewards of the customer journey. From organizational team design to the importance of engaging customers on a truly personal and 1:1 level – The Economist Intelligence Unit has collected thoughts and ideas from some of the brightest minds in marketing to give marketers the license to lead.

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