16 November, 2014

How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising

Read ".com Disclosure"  by USA Federal Trade Commission

This document provides FTC staff guidance concerning the making of clear and
conspicuous online disclosures that are necessary pursuant to the laws the FTC enforces. It
does not, however, purport to cover every issue associated with online advertising disclosures,
nor is it intended to provide a safe harbor from potential liability. It is intended only to provide
guidance concerning practices that may increase the likelihood that a disclosure is clear
and conspicuous.

Whether a particular ad is deceptive, unfair, or otherwise violative of a
Commission rule will depend on the specific facts at hand. The ultimate test is not the size
of the font or the location of the disclosure, although they are important considerations; the
ultimate test is whether the information intended to be disclosed is actually conveyed to

Download ".com Disclosure"  by FTC

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