20 February, 2015

51 Things Your Mother Taught You about Inbound Marketing

Worth Reading eBook - A marketing Primer for the Social Age

Published by: DigitalRelevance 
Author: Chad Pollitt
Foreward: Kevin Bailey
Editors: Shari Finnell, Sharmin Kent

"Think of all the things your mother told you as you were growing up. You can probably rattle off dozens of comments she made on a regular basis, like, “Am I talking to a brick wall?” or “Eat your vegetables.” She taught you manners and gave you guidance on how to be a successful, vibrant and healthy adult. While it may not have seemed like it at the time, that was probably her ultimate goal.
In the same way, inbound marketing is trying to teach marketers, marketing departments and brands a few manners.
Your mother would probably tell you it’s inconsiderate and rude to interrupt someone. However, since its inception, marketing has been a total exercise in interruption (rudeness) — until now..."

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