05 May, 2016

The Best Guide to Online Paid Media for Dummies

The 2016 Inbound Marketer’s Guide to Paid Media by Kuno Creative

Paid content distribution is a bridge above the swelling sea of content that connects brands with target audiences to help the right information find the right people. But for paid content distribution to work, it must follow inbound philosophy.
These powerful distribution channels offer immense filtering capabilities to zero in on specific groups and individuals. Once campaigns launch, track and measure results to gain new insights on your target audience and which campaigns resonate best with them. Feed this information back into your content marketing strategy to refine content, better connect with audiences and maximize the efficacy of each campaign.
These are just a few of the many paid content distribution channels and platforms at your disposal. Deciding which to implement will depend entirely on where your target audiences spend their time and your specific marketing goals. Don’t limit yourself to a single paid content distribution channel. Extend your creativity to many and observe which channels work best for you and your audiences.

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