24 November, 2016

10 Ways Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan

A Must Read e-Guide for All PR and Digital Communication Experts Who Live in Modern Times

The modern-day crisis can be defined in relation  to a digital footprint. Specifically, every crisis needs to be managed by the 3 V’s:
  • Volume refers to the amount of data (i.e. millions of tweets, hundreds of media mentions or thousands of social media shares). 
  • Velocity represents the speed at which that data is generated (i.e. number of tweets per second or online news stories per hour). 
  • Variety refers to the variety of data generated, (i.e.images and Hashtags from Instagram, traditional broadcast stories, online story syndication, Tweets and videos from YouTube).

Based upon Zignal Labs' experiences, three trends ring true for every modern crisis:

1. A modern crisis is fueled by data: In today’s modern marketplace, companies are inundated with massive amounts data. In fact, major enterprises manage petabytes of big data every day. This influx of data grows exponentially due to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of consumers - generating an incredible 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.

2. Conventional approaches no longer work: In a modern crisis, the volume, velocity and variety of data will immediately overwhelm traditional tools and processes. Even the best laid plans can’t adequately address the challenges associated with a crisis instantaneously unfolding and mutating across digital and mobile channels.

3. Data provides the blueprint for a solution: While the data tsunami poses an
immediate challenge for any crisis communications team, data will also provide a path to a solution. Specifically, data will reveal critical trends, patterns and insights in the wake of a crisis to empower communications, PR, public affairs and marketing teams.

With an understanding that data will ultimately become a brand’s biggest threat during a crisis and a path to a solution, cross-functional teams within the enterprise must modernize their crisis communications plans accordingly. The following ten-point framework offers guidance that any organization can employ during the planning, response and assessment phases of a crisis.

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