27 November, 2020

Two Useful Recourses about Google My Business and Google Reviews

 Google My Business 101 - a guide by Podium 

Local businesses rely on local customers, but local customers have dozens of options on and offline when they make a purchase. Despite all the choices, modern consumers still appreciate the same things— quality, convenience, and customer service. Even though technology has changed people haven’t. Local businesses who meet customer’s expectations will always win. 

This guide outlines everything you need to know about Google My Business—how you can harness its unparalleled strength to generate more website traffic, bolster your reputation, and kick off a new day of explosive growth for your business.

Download  Google My Business 101

Google Reviews 101 - a guide by Podium 

Google Reviews are made up of star ratings (1 to 5 scale) and a written response customers provide about their experience with a local business. For business owners, Google Reviews are a critical component of local marketing. Since Google uses its reviews to influence local search results, mastering Google Reviews will have an immediate impact on the number and types of searches your business shows up for. Beyond local search, Google Reviews have many additional benefits for local businesses.

Download Google Reviews 101

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