01 February, 2012

Boris Loukanov Marketing Creative Library – New Life for Old Domain

Some time ago I registered marketingcreative.info domain name without having a clear idea what to do with it. Last 3 years it was  just a static site that automatically feeds posts from interesting sites I follow.
I was recently lit up the idea of a new concept for the site. I decided to transform it to a Marketing Creative Library  - a space for sharing and free download of interesting e-books, white papers and presentations in the field of marketing, creative, new media, design, PR 2.0, Internet communication and new digital technology trends.
All materials that I share for download  (including ePub and MOBI formats - for eReaders) are with Free or Creative Comons license to distribute and non-commercial use. All items are new, updated and hopefully will be useful. Of course I will include some older, but important conceptual materials in the field of contemporary marketing communications.
For more information about me you can visit my sites Boris Domain - the Marketing Creative Space and Boris Loukanov Web Mixer.


Пламен Шопов said...


Boris Loukanov said...

Още съм в "бета":-) Тествам, тези дби ще го обява по-публично:-)
Но мерси за съпорта:-)